further musings on the works of Tim Hunkin

You may, if you have the priveliege of being a regular visitor to these ethereal parts, have read my previous piece briefly discussing the works of Tim Hunkin.

This post was a short resume of his later works on Southwold Pier in Suffolk, and some associated early madness that said individual was responsible for.  But, having only recently had time to browse further in to the works of Mr Hunkin, I thought one thing merited a post here including a link – that being his subsidiary (or is it his main?) web site, a cartoon encyclopedia known as The Rudiments of Wisdom Cartoon Encyclopaedia.  Described as “The Rudiments of Wisdom Cartoon Encyclopedia by Tim Hunkin. Thousands of cartoons covering almost everything there is to know!”, one’s appetite is whetted like the slavering pseudo-canine in his ‘Test your Nerve’ machine.

Strange then, that a man who seems barely able to draw for toffee should embark on such an ambitious ‘grand tour’ as a cartoon encyclopedia – it’s a little bit like a geeky version of Spinal Tap and their ‘Jazz Odessy’.  But it is, as you might expect if you have encountered any of Hunkin’s other works, engaging, amusing and formed on a solid base of eccentric fact.

You want examples?  Read the site’s contents!  All I can say is that I selected ‘Animals’ as the top category, and then ‘Baboons’ as the second.  I learnt immediately that the Mandrill is the most aggressive and showy of all Baboons, with a brightly coloured pair of buttocks.  That alone was worth the visit.


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