project british eagle – almost there…

Well, the bike is really taking shape now.  I have in the last couple of days fitted the bottom bracket (which was an expensive problem, because the frame threads had stripped, so the shimano cassette didn’t fit, and I had to buy a threadless one instead), the brakes and new cables/shoes, and almost got the gear shifters sorted, the cover on one of the handlebar shifters has a rusted screw which prevents me from removing the cover to fit the gear cables – a job for lbs I think).

Almost fully assembled

Almost fully assembled

To finish her off, I have bought a couple of accessories – a lovely cotton duck saddle bag from Carradice of Lancashire, and a set of Reynolds 531 frame decals from Lloyds of Penrith, to replace the ones blasted off by the respray process.

Decals for the frame

Decals for the frame

So, the final bit of sorting is the gear cables, but I plan to get the bike taken into the wonderful Madgetts at Diss for some fettling and sorting of one or two complex issues (make sure BB is tightened, fit new chain, get gears all indexed correctly).  Then it’s road test time, and having sat on it today the ride position seems considerably better than before, with the new adjustable hi-rise stem making it less back breaking.  And then, if my Thorn – riding buddy Mark is up for it, a spot of touring?


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