progress on project british eagle…

The bike restoration continues apace. The frame is now with T&B Blasting at Thetford, where they will be (carefully) blasting frame and forks back to bare metal and then powder coating it in a nice, but slightly less violent shade of sky blue.

I’m due to pick it up Saturday morning, but in the meantime, I have procured a new straight handlebar for it, and also have replaced the inner tubes and shod the wheels in Schwalbe City Jet tyres, which are at a solid 85psi.

The ropey old standard fit saddle has been retired to the bin and replaced with a nice comfy touring saddle which should be considerably more comfy than the specialized alias that I have recently fitted to the orbea.

I now have to get some new axles and bearings for the wheels, the previous ones, shown below, having been guilty of making a truly terrible graunching noise when the wheel is spun.

The spokes need a tweak too, so I may well take them into the lbs for this purpose tomorrow.  Finally, a set of black mudguards are winging their way from parkers of bolton, ready for fitting, and the rear pannier rack has been plastic coated.

More pics to follow after the weekend!


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