miscellany of links – the wayward genius of Sheldon Brown

If you’re in any way interested in cycling, then look at this link if you don’t already know about it.  This is the kind of thing the internet is all about.

Sheldon, pictured below sporting his ‘panache’, sported a beard of changing hues, and is the owner of a tiny, tiny dog, and what can only be described as a fleet of bicycles such as a Saudi prince might have if bicycles carried the same male-menopause solving qualities that fast cars supposedly do.  Half a million hits a month are a fitting rememberance to this late (as they say in Botswana) font of cycling knowledge.

sheldon sporting his panache

sheldon sporting his panache

Click here for an entry point into the wilfully eccentric, slightly crazed but enormously entertaining and awesomely informative world of Sheldon, and learn.  And remember where you heard it from!


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