king hubby…..

I have published the following missive from my cycling buddy Mark, who is rather excited about his new steed.  Rightly so….

Faced with the prospect of yet again re-equipping the trusty but increasingly rickety Marin to cope with an extended commute across the Wirral [see route] alternatives to the klanging de-railleur set-up seemed the way forward for me.

The lovely Thorn

The lovely Thorn

Bottom lip was thumbed briefly whilst considering the more robust drive options out there, which led initially to a jaw-grinding, aborted attempt to buy a Trek belt-drive/Alfine hub [teething problems with the 1st production run apparently..] .

Quality frame, mate!

Quality frame, mate!

Undeterred and spurred on by a hoofed-up budget, research kept vomiting forth the mighty Rohloff speed-hub [14 near indestructible German build quality ‘planetary’gears floating around in ein oil-filled hub of ausgezeignig-ness]
But with the plummeting £/Euro rate boosting bike prices, like a German vegetarian; I feared the wurst.
However, common sense was swiftly dispensed with and an order, together with my required vital stats [knee circumference – huh?] was sent to the helpful peeps at [Endorfin, Cannondale etc are putting Rohloffs in some very sexy MTB bikes with decent dropouts & eccentric bottom brackets, but for the varied ‘road/trail/track/cyclepath covered with broken WKD bottles’ route I’m doing on a daily basis, the rugged touring-tested Thorn won hands down.

rohloff the bed!

rohloff the bed!

It’s such a sweet ride – comfortable, responsive and surprisingly – very fast!

The hub hasn’t disappointed [very glad I spent a few hours studying the Rohloff gear-ratio tables to decide what sprockets to put on to achieve a decent ‘Gear 11’.  This is your ‘ride-all-day-long’ direct-drive gear on a Rohloff
and it’s perfect [and silent]. The Rohloff’s 14 gears are basically 2×7, the higher 7 being quieter, the lower 7 are quite ‘meshy’ going up steep hills and might take some getting used to but that’s the only gripe. [If you’re looking at lots of climbing then it might prove a bit too draggy and heavy on the backend…..]

ergo grips...

ergo grips...

Everything else, like the wonderful ergo grips & brooks s17 saddle, all add to the overall enjoyment and there’s no doubting the higher price tag is easily justified.


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