New shoes, finally…..

Well, after a long and protracted search for new cycling shoes, I have received my package in the post from Mosquito Bikes.

Those of you who have read my previous posts will be aware that, having decided against cleats and clipless, I have reverted back to old-fashioned toe clips and straps.  I bought these off Velosolo, and fitted them today – nice metal clips with Christophe leather straps.

Well, after a few forum discussions on what to go for, I finally chose a pair of these.  Having ordered them I found out from Wiggle that they were no longer in stock, so I then chanced upon an interesting post on the washingmachinepost – a superb cycling blog.

Quoc Pham cycling shoe

Quoc Pham cycling shoe

The post mentioned some shoes that the author, Brian, had recently tested, made by a Taiwanese shoemaker living in London, Quoc Pham.  Quoc is apparently an amateur cyclist who, finding he had to walk around London in between cycling stints, decided that he ought to design a shoe that did not impede his walking progress too much.

The Pair - lovely shoes or what?

The Pair - lovely shoes or what?

The quality of the shoes is high.  They arrive in their own box, packed into a cloth bag rather like the pair of Alfred Sargent handmade shoes I own – a classy touch and a nice detail.  Picking the shoes up reveals their delicacy – this seems the only appropriate word to describe their lightness and beauty.  The leather is soft and pliable, whilst the ridged rubber sole is stiff enough to give good support to your foot.  Pulling them on was a little bit like pulling on a pair of ballet shoes – the shoe fits like a glove.  Comfort is immediate and gives you the distinct feeling that you have got a perfect pair of shoes.

There are one or two nice details on the shoes – the QP logo on the tongue of the shoe, for example, and the reflective strip down the back.

Details on the tongue

Details on the tongue

A great feeling pair of shoes exactly suited to what I want.  I look forward to getting out for a ride to see how they perform in the saddle.  Finally, full marks for prompt service must go to Mosquito for their handling of my order.


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