Bird Brain

I was awoken early this morning by the corvine equivalent of anti social behaviour.  A terrible racket was going on outside, and as I peered through the curtains I could see an unseemly incident unfolding.

An angry magpie was screeching and flapping around a tree, whilst several thuggish looking rooks sat hunched on the telephone wires.  A strange honking sound, which I thought was a duck, made the scene even more surreal.

As I was now awake, I decided to get on the bike and do a ride.  Not having the appetite today for a long ride, I decided on a shortish 13 mile route and the sun was just warm enough to be comfortable.  Any hotter and it would have been uncomfortable.

I did 15 miles at an average of 17.4 miles.  As I returned, the source of the duck-like honking was revealed.  A bottle-green burst of plumage hurried into a hedge – it was a peacock!


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