An ongoing directory of Cycling Cool!

I have pulled together various links to clothing retailers who offer something rather cooler than the cascade of shiny, gaudy lycra that sadly adorns the bodies and legs of most of our modern cycling bretheren.  I shall attempt to add to this as time goes by, in an attempt to keep it up to date.

Please let me know if you use any other vendors, or even if you are such a supplier!!

Solo Jersey

Solo Jersey

Staring with Prendas Cyclissimo, who offer some great retro clothing – caps, jerseys, shorts and socks.  They ship quickly and take paypal.

Next up, and I have to say rather less affordable to the average cyclist, is of course Rapha.  Makers of some of the most gorgeous cycling wear available, though you will pay a price for it.

Another pretty well known, and again not cheap, clothing firm is Solo, whose stuff is also available at times, though not always, through Wiggle.  Lots of lovely retro jerseys with great colour schemes that eschew flourescence in favour of class!

Alwaysriding are a well-known brand who sell a variety of cool cycle clothing, and you can browse their shop online by brand.

Colomba is a relatively new UK based company selling ‘proper’ cyclewear.  They call their material ‘sportwool’, and as well as selling some great stuff they also take paypal.

A more unusual choice is this company – Devoted2Vintage – who stock a range of cycling jerseys.  I can’t vouch for their quality but the prices look reasonable.

The other great source for stuff like this is ebay – but of course you do run the risk of buying junk, so check out the feedback for the seller carefully.

I haqve now found a couple of other (overseas) suppliers to add to the list, with wool making a very sensible and welcome comeback in the face of the lycra onslaught.

Boure ( is a supplier based in Colorado, USA, who sell the most gorgeous traditional styled cycle clothing including wool shorts and some lovely jerseys such as the one pictured below.  But the quality doesn’t come cheap, I warn you.

I think I mentioned Vintage Velos last time, but if I forgot, then have a look – ( – again some great original european wear, including the Faema wool jersey.

Wiggle have a couple of retro-looking jerseys available under their DHB brand, which look rather more affordable and yet just as understated.

Bricklanebikes is a very trendy shop in the East End of London, catering for what appears to be a rather fashinable market – the fixie boys and girls.  However they do stock Vittoria’s 1960’s track shows which have just been re-issued in a variety of colours.

I picked up a link to Shutt VR – a small ish clothing firm who do very nice wool clothing – when browsing another cool website – the washing machine post.  This website is in itself a mine of information about cycling, bikes and clothing.

Shoes wise – couple of good ones.  First off, Mosquito Bikes in Islington have Quoc Pham retro style shoes with rubber soles, very nice indeed,  and also Reynolds Shoes based in Bletchley sell a handmade original style touring shoe that is very high in quality.

I may split this post into one about clothing and one about shoes, we’ll see how much extra info I get!


2 responses

  1. As an SPD convert what do you recommend for touring in a Reynolds Style? Or do I feel a bit of a mission coming on… Pete

    February 18, 2010 at 4:27 pm

    • paulmor

      The Reynolds touring shoe, you mean? Gorgeous. – and an old-fashioned web shop front makes it even more special. Dump your cleats and follow that link!!!

      February 18, 2010 at 4:30 pm

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