Just a short Recovery Ride

After yesterday’s 41 miler, the thought ocurred to me this morning that maybe a shortish recovery ride might be a good idea.  The weather was once again marvellous – almost sunburn conditions – and so at 1pm I took to my bike.

Well I rode a route that was new to me – a long loop out eastwards from home towards Mendlesham.  The sight of the mast in the distance was a good marker point and I know that there are some lovely quiet roads east of the A140, if you survive the attempt at crossing this despicable race track of a road.

After passing through Norton, Grove Lane at Elmswell, Wetherden, Haughley Green, Bacton and Cotton, I passed through Mendlesham and began to realise that only taking one bidon was all very well for a short ride, but I had already knocked off 20 miles.

I did my best not to go over 15.5 mph today, due to the need to recover.  This is a pace I could go at all day quite happily!

I decided to turn back just short of Brockford.  Following a similar route home, I stopped off at a very welcome Co-Op in Haughley and enjoyed a Lucozade, which powered me very effectively back through Elmswell.  Instead of doing battle with the A1088 roundabout, I took a short cut down Bunkers Hill, a road I haven’t ridden down for some 30 years.

Well, it turned out to be somewhat more than a short recovery ride…..


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