New Toy

I have taken the plunge and got a new MTB, having been excited by my recent visit to Thetford Forest.

More pics to follow, but this is a standard image of the model – it’s a Felt Q520 which is very entry-level, but should be fine to get me started in the modern MTB world:

Felt Q520

Felt Q520

So, why this bike?  The research I did on entry level bikes (and I’m not going to be doing stupid fast downhilling or launching off 50 foot drops) suggested the Giant Avalanche, this, and then a bit more expensive the Cube Attempt.

Sure, there are loads of other bikes at this price point, but as any regular visitors will know, I mnake a point of going for less mainstream brands (hence the Orbea road bike).  Felt seem to be smaller, but they punch above their weight compared to the big boys, and I’m never one to make a predictable choice.

So, as it’s a bank holiday, I’ll be off to Thetford this weekend to christen it.


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