Norfolk Raid

I extended my previously documented ride on Good Friday to take in a ride along the border of Suffolk and Norfolk.

It was a lovely day, and I set out about 10.30 am, with a slight breeze and a temperature of around 12 deg c, with generally sunny conditions.

Slow you dowen, bor!

Slow you dowen, bor'!

(Note, factually this picture is irrelevant, I did not make it as far as Wiveton, which, though also in Norfolk, is here).

Rather than turning south at Barningham as I had done before, this time I continued and rode toward East Harling, by way of Coney Weston and Hinderclay, eventually emerging onto the A143 at Rickinghall, where I rode fast up a slight incline, and with quite busy traffic, to Stanton. A brief stop, an energy gel and a drink to wash it down, and I was mobile again for the final 6 mile stretch home.

So next time I have a fine day to myself I shall add a foray further into Norfolk to my list.


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