What a difference a (sunny) day makes!

Praise be, as it were, to The Lord, for today has seen the continuation of the sunny and spring-like weather that started at the weekend.  And, as if to celebrate this fact, I bestrode my trusty, water-extruded road bike and did what I was meant to do – rode!

So, the vital stats first.  27.5 miles, average speed 17.9 mph – a new record.

I did a route that took in a reasonable section of Mid-Suffolk, with a couple of half decent ascents mixed in with the flat.  I have to admit, thus being my first ride for almost 2 weeks, that my legs were beginning to feel a bit tired by the last few miles.  But it was a good run and the countryside is starting to wake up at last!

Still suffering from a bit of a problem with the spd pedals, in terms of nerves when I have to stop.  I am going to see how I get on now I’m (hopefully) going to be riding more frequently, and if it continues I might consider getting some lightweight ones with toeclips, and removing the cleats from my shoes.


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