Fast Average Speed

Today I rode – this being the second time this week.  Spring, it would appear, has truly sprung.  The weather was crisp (7.5 deg C), sunny and with a light north westerly wind.  I did a 22.5 mile ride, a loose variation of  one of my North Suffolk routes up to Walsham, Finningham and so on.

The beauty of the new, milder weather and decreased headwind was a fast run on the outbound stretch.  On the long (1 mile), straight road between Norton and Ashfield I managed 31 mph on the flat, which was a real pleasure, tempered only slightly by the realisation that the wind might be against me on the return leg.

An unexpected traffic light slowed me down a little, however I was on my way quickly.  The only troubling thing was a constant inability to get my left shoe cleat back into the pedal when I removed it (which is a little habit I have if I encounter an oncoming vehicle on a narrow lane, primarily a self preservation measure in case I have to put a foot down quickly).

The return leg was more prone to headwind, however I managed an average of 17.1 mph, max 31.0, time 1.15 h and distance covered, as I said, 22 miles.


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