The Mountain Bike in full technicolour!

You modern lot wouldn’t call this a mountain bike, because it doesn’t have telescopic springy forks or whatever gimmicks the bike companies try to push on the impressionable youth these days.

A proper British bike!

A proper British bike!

This was bought in around 1992, before British Eagle were subsumed into the Falcon Cycles empire.  She’s lovely – initially used as a tourer, when she was fitted with a pair of skinny tyres and front and rear racks, with a pair of Karrimor panniers.  But after years of sitting unloved in the garage, I have decided to get to work and use the bike again, hence the initial outing in Thetford at the weekend.

Rear Mech

Rear Mech

The bike rides very well, and at my level of mountainbiking I think suspension etc is best avoided.  The kit is good (considering it’s almost 20 years old), being Shimano Deore/Exage 500 mech all round.

The question is, should I convert it to a fixed wheel and paint it up, thereby gaining immense street cred on the many occasions when I cycle round Shoreditch?


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