Going over to the Dark Side…..

Yesterday saw me doing a different flavour of cycling – an afternoon out with my Daughter, a friend and his daughter for a ride on the mountainbike trails of Thetford Forest. I had to hide my lycra and cleats for a day as I dug out my old, trusty – rusty MTB for some trail blazing. And you know what? It’s too much fun!

The green trail

The green trail

We should, in retrospect, have set out a little earlier – we didn’t actually get the bikes off the car until 3.30 pm and it’s only March (well February actually!). As the thought of making two seven year olds attempt the fearsome Black run (the grading system is the same as the one used in ski-ing) was too horrifying to imagine, we went instead for the Green (family) trail.

The green trail, at 6.3 miles, is a considerable stroll in the woods. However, with loads of smooth tracks and very little in the way of hills, it proved enjoyable, even to the two girls, the beauty being the lack of traffic and other people hindering their beginner-ish cycling development.

At one point, we did try a few hundred yards of the black run, and it seemed to be fun – narrow, gullied trails through the trees as opposed to wide open trails. But maybe next time.

So, with the thought of promised sweets from Tesco’s in their minds, the girls eventually managed to ride back just before the sun set (yes, we were getting worried that we’d be out there all night – and there are bears, you know). The result – good fun for an afternoon and the knowledge that in order to do it properly, we’d have to go in the morning, take a picnic, and six feet of rope to pull them along when they got tired legs. But hey, if it gets them into cycling, then that’s a worthwhile investment!

So, now riding and maintaining two bikes, a road bike and a mountain bike, i’m officially out – i’m a bicyclist!!!


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