Mind how yer go when yer comin’ back…

…As they used to say in Suffolk, in the far-off days when proper Suffolk was spoke. Today heralded the first ‘proper’ ride of the month (lamentable I know) with decent weather and a decent mileage.

I managed a 21 miler today, on a new route which took me into North Suffolk, up to Walsham-le-Willows and then over to Finningham and Westthorpe before turning and coming back through Elmswell.
The weather was dull and overcast, but 9 degrees C and a slight breeze from the north east made it a good riding day. There were many times when I found myself with the wind at my back and a good, strong 20-25 mph speed registering.
What a hellish feeling, then, when I turned back towards home, around the 11 mile point, and felt the wind in my face as I hacked along poor back roads with no shelter from the breeze. My speed fell down to a laborious 14 mph for some time, until I regained the shelter of hedges and buildings.
Back along a short and scary stretch of the A1088, and a slight hill to finish – a good ride and hopefully I can begin to get back into the routine again.

The road to Finningham

The road to Finningham


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