A Mild Ride

Today, after a break of some 2 weeks since my last ride, I finally got back on the road again for a 14 mile ride around one of my favourite training routes.

The weather was overcast but mild – about 9 degrees C and a very light south westerly breeze.  I love this route, but it felt quite weird being back in the spd’s again, I kept wanting to take my feet out of the cleats at the start.  The only bit of the route that is a little troublesome is Jacks Lane (not far from where the late great John Peel lived).

The Great John Peel

The Great John Peel

This single track lane connects the villages of Combs and Great Finborough and although there is an easy hill when going east, it is more the spectre of approaching vehicles that makes me nervous as there are many blind corners and there is literally not enough room for a bike and a car to pass safely.

That accomplished, (and it did slow my average down), I struck out onto more open roads and managed an average of exactly 17 mph, a max of 27 going down the hill from Buxhall, and a time of 48.50.  That’s all in line with my normal performance at this time of year and so I haven’t lost much fitness in the last icy fortnight.

Following on from my ride past Bill Wyman’s country pile, don’t you think that my little corner of Suffolk has quite a bit of rock n roll history embedded in it?


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