Winter Ride

Today the sky was clear and the sun shone.  Despite a temperature of 4deg C, with a slight south westerley breeze, I decided that I must hit the road today and get some exercise.  One of the real frustrations of winter is that, having got used to doing a hundred miles a week in the summer/autumn, I suddenly have hardly any opportunities to ride,

I togged myself up in thermals, windproof, hi viz waterproof and balaclava and gloves.  No chances taken in cold like this, as wel all know the ambient temperature is multipled by the wind chill when you’re hacking along a road at 20mph!

I did a regular circuit of mine – 17 miles, generally flattish and fast roads but with two reasonable hills at half way and just before the end.

Pakenham - the road out in sunnier times!

Pakenham - the road out in sunnier times!

I made good time on the first half of the ride, with an average at this point of almost 19mph.  But the wind was behind me!  I spotted in the distance another cyclist in hi viz jacket, and decided to pursue.  As I overtook we exchanged greetings and he was clearly enjoying a more leisurely ride than I was.

As I turned south at Badwell Ash, the breeze hit me in the face, and I was thankful again for the balaclava.  I might have looked like a lycra-clad burglar, but it sure keeps your head warm.  I tacked uphill for a mile or so, though this is a gentle incline compared with the two main hills on the route.  The on to a long, straight road towards Norton Green.   This is a glorious stretch when you have a dip in the wind, though it’s open to both sides and as such the wind tends to come through pretty strong.

I finished by passing through Norton and then on to Tostock, with a nice long uphill drag at the end to maximise the training potential.

Average 16.8 mph, time 1 hr 4 min.


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  1. Nice site! I share your frustrations with the weather…. I live in Switzerland now and we have had crap cold weather since November. By cold, I mean sub-zero all of December and January with snow everywhere… Feb started bad. Im so frustrated I cant get out … and I need to lose 7kg!!

    February 8, 2009 at 8:56 pm

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