I did a short ride today in order to collect my bike and bring it home.  13 miles total around one of my short routes.

The temperature was  0 degrees and there was a very slight wind and no blue sky – how depressing!

I was fully thermal’d up today, and also wore my balaclava and new sunglasses (the prescription lens inserts arrived last week).  Even so, I was taken aback by the cold once I got going and the wind chill started.  I had ideas of doing a 30 – odd miler, but a mile down the road I had given up on that idea!

My windproof gloves, which have given me sterling protection from the cold all winter so far, were rendered far less effective.  The going was easy, though, with an absence of headwind for once.  I averaged 16.7 mph and did a time of 47 mins.

This time of year certainily sorts out the hardcore and the ‘occasional’ cyclists!  Roll on March!!!


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