Back in the Saddle – First Post of 2009

I haven’t cycled this week.  There, I’ve said it.  Instead I’ve spent a hugely enjoyable few days with friends in the Peak District.  And boy,  the number of road cyclists up there is awesome, as are the roads!

We travelled around from Bakewell up to Grindleford for a day’s walking and I was stunned by the dedication of some of the riders I saw – road bikes out in -2 degrees C!  I have to say that given the amount of ice around it was actually pretty scary to even think about getting on a bike, so I’m hoping for good weather tomorrow so I can get out on a long ride.

In the meantime I am definitely going to try and get a few days in the Peaks this spring/summer.  A good tip for a long ride is to make sure that you pass Grindleford Station Cafe around lunchtime (though don’t leave it too late!).  We lunched there and, having last been there many years ago, the food was still as great as ever!

Grindleford Station Cafe

Grindleford Station Cafe

The list of food on the menu here runs to many pages, but all seems to involve chips (of which there is an excellent kind!) and beans, plus anything else as slong as it is a) fried or b) a pie.  So, in summary, it’s the perfect kind of food for a long winter ride.

Serving Hatch

Serving Hatch

Having ordered half pints of tea, we were unfortunately forced to sit outside.  It was a fine day, but cold – the inside tables were taken up by large groups of Boden-clad parents and children – so twee were these rubes that  Mark was moved to describe the place as a ‘Middle Class McDonalds’, although I think it was more a case of School Holidays bringing the Discovery owning classes out!

So, a fine cafe and many cyclists seem to know about it already judging by the number of bikes, both mountain and road, parked outside!

Bikes outside the Cafe

Bikes outside the Cafe

Ok, back to road bike reports tomorrow!!


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