Christmas Day Ride

I joined the growing ranks of cyclists taking advantage of the quiet roads today by doing a 28-mile ride.

The ride took 1hr 41 mins, and the average I managed was a very respectable 16.9mph.  I was pleased!

I took in a loop within south Suffolk, going first to Lavenham, which looked very peaceful in the morning mist.

Lavenham slumbers in the morning mist

Lavenham slumbers in the morning mist

The sheer lack of cars wasn quite unsettling – the main street in Lavenham is normally choked with traffic, but as I passed through today there was nothing on the road except parked cars!

Lavenham without traffic!

Lavenham without traffic!

From here I struck out eastwards toward Bildeston, taking in an increasingly undulating route.  After the village of Chelsworth, there is a really nasty little hill, shown below:

Chelsworth Hill

Chelsworth Hill

Hererafter, I took the really big hill from Bildeston up towards Needham Market, which drags on for what feels like a couple of miles.  Halfway up, a woman sped past in the opposite direction, screeched to a halt, and started to ask me directions.  Being in the midst of a big climb, I was un-festive in my response and muttered ‘Can’t stop, sorry’.  She moaned at me and drove off!

From here I had a great run – six miles of high, fast and fairly flat roads until Barking where I turned west and headed back, via Finborough towards home.

The way back

The way back

So, at least MOST of the Christmas dinner got burned off,, and the quiet roads were a real treat.  Back to reality tomorrow when ev erybody drives off to the sales!


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