Headwind Grabbing

Today, a short-ish ride (16 miles) in mild, sunny weather.  In fact, unseasonably good for late December, the only problem being the fresh headwind from the  southwest.

I did my ‘short’ training run, and completed it in 58 min with an average of 16.8 mph and a max of 31 mph (with the wind behind me).

The first half of the ride was with the wind against me and, as I r o de a very narrow lane in Finborough, exciting things started to happen.  Firstly, on a hill barely wide enough for one car, some sporty banger suddenly appeared coming the other way, the pimply youth and his girlfriend in the car seeming a shocked as me to have to deal with the human/bike/car/verge interface that had suddenly emerged.  Luckily, I always have my left foot ready to remove from the spd cleats at the shortest of notice, and got my foot down and into the verge post-haste.  We parted with mouthed profanities and a smell of leaking valve-stems.

Then, as if by magic, a horde of cyclists appeared going the other way.  Was this an outpost of the Stowmarket Cycling Club, I wonder?  Many ‘Good Mornings’ later, I was off again into the solitude.


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