Cycling Glasses part 2

Following on from the previous post about cycling prescription sunglasses, I have had some progress now on getting the actual glazing organised.

A trip into historic Bury St Edmunds yesterday saw me doing the rounds, if you will, of opticians for a price to glaze the RX insert on my Kontrol Moondogs.

Simple and cheap, you might imagine.  Oh no.  The first port of call was Vision Express, where I had my last eye test done.  They were very helpful, but also very sales-y and were on both occasions all too keen to get me to buy an expensive pair of designer glasses.  Their response?  £75 (including a ‘corkage’ fee of £20 because they had not sold me the glasses!!!) and the lenses in an hour.

After a sharp intake of breath, I moved on, this time to Boots.  A very helpful optician rang their lab, and confirmed that after two weeks wait and a staggering £80 charge, my inserts would be helping me see the road ahead.  I asked if the headache pills were situated on the same floor, and staggered out.

Thirdly, and for good measure, I visited Specsavers.  Full of market day peasants who clearly thought that perusing specs was preferable to guarding their tethered hogs, I joined a queue.  After a time, I was  attended to by a spectacularly (if you’ll pardon the pun) indecisive lady who seemed unsure how to treat such a demanding customer.  I was after a while implored to join another queue, this time to be seen by the real optician, to have my pupil distance measured.  However, as there was an elderly and clearly senile lady already being seen, I realised this would take some time.  You see, being a skinflint, I had put the minimum amount of change into the parking meter and I was now aware that a scant seven minutes rested between my eyes being measured and the appearance of a clingfilm-wrapped parking ticket.  On she rambled, about how she didn’t like the look of modern spectacles, how ‘you got them on the National Health in my day’, and other sentimental nonsense.  Eventually, and probably in an attempt to escape for a moment the inane and clearly deranged old woman’s mumbling, the optician removed herself to a back room.  I gave up and left, checking that the price WOULD have been a more reasonable £49 (plus of course an optional £30 for the parking).

So, with heavy heart and unglazed RX’s, I headed home.  And so, using technology clearly way beyond the remit of the poor bumbling oafs I had suffered that morning, I browsed the internet and came across this website.  Seemingly, for a mere £14.99 plus p&p, I can have my RX inserts glazed in exactly the same luxurious lenses as I would have had to fork out for in Bury.  So I have ordered them and, after a short festive postal break, will be sending them off to be done.  I will post the results herein, at that time.


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