Satnav for Biking Geeks

I have to confess to being a Crackberry user. My excuse is that it is given to me by work, but in the last couple of weeks I have been given a new one – a Blackberry Bold 9000, to be precise. It’s a neat device, but yesterday a colleague at work gave me the heads up on a new, free app called Telmap Navgigator.

This is an app that you can download as a beta from their website, as long as you sign up for the user group. Obviously you need a gps-enabled device for it to function, but this being the case, I now have a free satnav which has voice instructions, maps, history and even live traffic – which lots of the £100 plus apps lack.

So this would be a great thing for cyclists – you’d obviously need to get some kind of headset mount for the pda, but then you’re away, and the BB’s battery life is days, so no problems there. And of course if you get a puncture you can always phone the wife for a list home!!

I should point out a small postscript – it’s only free as a trial and is then subscription-based therefrom, but still only £4.99 per month.  Err, UNLESS YOU JOIN THEIR USER GROUP – in which case the ‘Beta’ release seems to be free.


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