Prescription Glasses for Cycling?

I read a post on bike radar’s forum recently in which a member asked about good prescription sunglasses for riders. This was pertinent to me as I have recently lost (yes, lost) my 6 year old pair of Oakley Wires with proper Oakley prescription lenses, a loss of some £300! So I was interested in what was being suggested.

Optilabs have a good reputation in the sports glasses sector, producing a range of sporting sunglasses with prescription use in mind. These are, like my Oakleys, a pair of lenses mounted in the glasses frame, but they are not cheap at £150 a pair. Not for somebody like me who is prone to losing or breaking them. So I recently bought a pair of Kontrol Moondog glasses direct from the makers, via their ebay shop.

These were around the £25 mark, and they come with RX prescription inserts. The lenses are not present – I need to go to an optician to get a pair of lenses put in – but they are a clever system I had not seen before. Basically the frames accept a pair of lenses that clip in – meaning that you can move your prescription lenses to another pair of RX-ready glasses. The service and communication with Kontrol was very good, and they look good too, in a range of colours.


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