A Pig of a Ride

A glorious winter’s day today with a temperature of about 5 degrees, so I took a long lunch to go for a ride. I didn’t go too far, but at 17 miles it was a decent weekday training ride. For the first time in ages I haven’t come back with the wet streak all the way up my back, so it’s good news all round.

The sun is low in the sky on days like this so shaded patches on the roads can be a hazard, but some beautiful scenery all the same. I also came across these roadside spectators after about five miles.



Today’s average was 17.4 mph, which is lower than I would have liked, although there were a number of car-related frustrations on the ride. I tried to stick to open, fast roads today, but traffic lights at some roadworks stopped me, so I had to ride through the roadworks with a queue of car drivers following me. Then a mile on, a line of considerately parked cars blocked my side of the road and so I had to pull in for oncoming traffic. Yet again, I get the feeling that cyclists are just a pain in the backside for car drivers (of which I am admittedly one myself).

Winter Road

Winter Road


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