What’s Happening in the Garage???

The weather is really deteriorating now.  Cycling puts you much more in touch with the weather conditions,none more so than during the closing stages of autumn.  Thick fog this morning put paid to my riding plans for the day.

I have been looking for a while for a Turbo Trainer, and today I picked one up – an ex-demo one in fact, from my local bike shop.  The idea was spawned by the fact that evening riding is now all but impossible – I personally don’t want to take my life in my hands any more than I already do.  A 3.30 pm ride yesterday made me realise just what a lethal time this is – fading light and hordes of school run mums treating you as an irritation on the road.

Bike in Trainer

Bike in Trainer

So I have now got the trainer set up in the garage, fitted the Orbea up to it and it seems ready to go. Obviously the new computer won’t work with it, but it looks like I will at least be able to skulk off to the garage in the evenings and do a half hour turbo training session when I feel like it – so i’ll potentially get back to summer levels of riding time!

Rear Wheel

Rear Wheel

I know that the top of the range Tacx ‘Virtual Reality’ trainers can hook up to a laptop and give you a view of the pack leader during the Ventoux stage of the Tour, and indeed what fun this would be (although the temptation would be there to see what happened to the spectators if you turned and rode straight at them….), and maybe one day when funds allow I will experience it.  But for now, it’s going to be fun to see what impact this has on my winter work.

Clean Mech!!

Clean Mech!!

I’m beginning a new phase at the moment which is very much starting to focus on real goals instead of just riding for a vague amount of time as I have been doing thus far.  How will this new dawn break?  Keep coming back to find out.


One response

  1. Put something under your front wheel to make it level with your rear wheel.

    November 30, 2008 at 12:48 am

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