Computer World pt II

Finally got the little Cateye computer fitted today, after much reading and re-reading of the (naturally) appalling instructions.  Cateye, it transpires, is a Japanese electronics company, and they are of course well known for employing technical authors whose job it is to make the English instructions impossible to understand.



Yea, verily, it was that I struggled to understand the entirely graphical installation guide, which doesn’t make anything clear in terms of the position you have to put the sensor in (below) on the fork.

Sensor on forks

Sensor on forks

But having (I think) succeeded, I have spun the wheel a few times and the speed reading appears, so I reckon it’s up and running.

Finally I discovered this can of lubricant which looks pretty good for a wet, muddy chain and mech.  It’s PTFE based and waterproof, so I’ve liberally applied it to rear cassette, mech and front mech.

Cowies SL90!

Cowies SL90!

later that day…….

OK, I have now been out for a short Friday afternoon spin with the little Cateye attached and, seemingly, it is the cat’s whiskers!

I was advised by a ‘serious’ cyclist neighbour a few weeks ago that when buying a cycle computer, go for cheap and basic, as the more complex ones are hard to operate and contain loads of useless information that you spend ages trying to get through, while at the same time you are inadvertantly steering accross the road and into the path of a gravel lorry…

So the Velo 8 gives me time spent, average speed, max speed, calories used, and something that looks like a little Reebok logo which I am still trying to find in the ‘sructions.  Out of the box it is set to KM/H and so my first ride stats meant very little.  I am one of those people who gets the thing out of the box, fits it, tries to use it, then reads the manual when it doesn’t work.  So, after the ride, I worked out how to set it up.  Pressing a nail into the back puts it into ‘setup’ mode and from here you can set MP/H or KM/H as well as wheel size (whoops!)

So what did it tell me?  Well I think ‘pinch of salt’ is the term needed to interpret the first ride’s figures, but I did a 30 min ride, with an average speed of, wait for it, 19 mph!!! Now time will tell whether this is accurate or not but the type of ride in terms of profile, road type and so on was normal for me.  If this is the case then I am really pleased.

It’s also interesting beecause it is a psychological tool, rather like the ‘Optimum Shift Indicator’ in my car which tells me when to change gear.  While climbing a (smallish) hill I could see my speed dropping and noticed how I was trying harder to speed up and therefore not drop my average too much.  It will be a formidable training tool I think.

So far the Cateye purrs…..


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