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I’ve just taken delivery of this, which I will discuss in another post once I’ve worked out how to use it:

Cateye Velo 8

Cateye Velo 8

And what is interesting is that it takes me back to the days in the 70’s when I had one of those little mileometers attached to the front fork wheel bolts, where the little spoke mounted pin clicked a wheel round that recorded the miles.  Problem was, in those days there was no way of resetting it and so all it did was record the total miles ridden, ever – a bit like a car odometer!

Then at Christmas 1978 I graduated to a proper bike speedo – by Huret of France – that looked like this:

Huret Bike Speedo

Huret Bike Speedo

I still, 30 years on, remember the excitement of ripping off the wrapping paper and seeing that classic box with the maps printed on it.  You had to take your front wheel off and fit the little spinner, which then rotated a flexible metal wire in the reinforced cable, which in turn powered the speedo.  All very well, until you realised that a Chopper couldn’t get much over 20 mph flat out and the speedo really slowed you down!

So I’ll try and summon up the energy to fit it up once I’ve read the instructions and see how the ’30 years later’ version performs.  I’ll post my thoughts later.

By the way, anybody reading this who has fitted a Cateye Velo 8 to their bike, please leave any advice in comments!!


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