Cold, Wet and Grey

Back on the bike today after a break of almost a week due to work.  I have not had a particularly healthy week, having stayed in hotels for three nights without exercise, driven about 700 miles and been out for a very big night in Liverpool.

So, I took the filthy Orbea out on a new route which runs in a 17 mile loop on predominantly fast roads.  The weather conditions, as the title suggests, were grey and miserable, although the temperature was fairly mild and wind was not a real problem.

Part of the route took in a stretch of the A1088 which, although speed limited, is a pretty unpleasant experience as you get the usual car hassles plus a nasty right turn onto quieter roads.  But equally, when cycling through villages with a 30 limit, I find my speed (around 17-20 mph) is sufficient to send some car drivers into a frenzy of frustration, such that they exceed the speed limit and pass me regardless.  Hey, I’m a driver myself too, but since starting biking, my respect for, and tolerance of cyclists has increased immesurably.

Anyway, my average is around 18-20 mph at the moment.  I’m not really sure about how this benchmarks with other riders in the great scheme of things, so would welcome any advice.

After the ride, I got to work cleaning the bike with hot soapy water, a stiff brush, and a pressure washer to blast off the stubborn stuff.  It’s amazing how the bike responds to such treatment – all the gunk off the alloy rims, the rear mech spotless, I sprayed WD40 liberally on the mech and chain, as well as any exposed cables.  Now she’s looking great again, holed up in the garage until next week.


One response

  1. Able Queeng

    A ‘big’ night Paul? I guess ending up sharing a bed with 2 other guys is heavy duty these days.

    18-20 mph is a decent lick fella!

    November 19, 2008 at 4:27 pm

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