Rememberance Sunday Ride

An early start this morning to do a 28 mile ride.  The weather was bright and sunny, with a rather lively south-easterly breeze.

This kind of weather is starting to test my motivation – clad in recently purchased windproof shirt, base layers top & bottom that I dug out of a drawer from years ago, and full length winter tights, the cold still seeped through for the first mile.  I’ve invested in some waterproof and windproof shoe covers which are great as it’s surprising how much spray gets chucked up with no mudguards.

My route, shown here – runs in a loop through South and Mid Suffolk.  Due to the prevailing wind I did the ride the opposite way round today, starting off by heading south through Brettenham and then via Monks Eleigh to Bildeston.

This route starts off on pretty minor roads, some barely wide enough to allow a bike and a car past one another.  The additional problem of mud means that I had to take the first five or so miles fairly slowly.

Heading out of Bildeston I used the B1078 and head north-east towards Needham Market, almost always skirting the edge of Wattisham airfield.  This road begins with about 1km of medium difficulty climbing, and then levels out into a gloriously smooth, wide and fast road.  As long as you are careful about traffic (cars tend to travel fast along here), you can really blast this stretch.

The wind was at my back for pretty much the length of this stretch, and it’s amazing how much of a difference that makes – the watery sunlight and the lack of a headwind really make fast cycling a pleasure!!

After about six miles, I turned back to the north – west into Barking, Battisford and then Combs.  By now the wind was against me which really saps my willpower!


My route home, and the point at which I felt I was on familiar turf, took me over to Great Finborough, and finally through Buxhall and home.

I was going slowly today due to the conditions, and a time of 1:45 means this is no time trail victory, but its not about speed but fun!!


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