Mud, Glorious Mud!!!

What I have learnt this year is that road conditions, which may or may not gain your attention whilst safely huddled in the driving seat of a modern car, are very real for a road cyclist riding on the lanes of Suffolk with skinny tyres.

Hazards at this time of year include dead leaves, wet roads, and of course the by-products of this:


Yes, it’s good old Sugar Beet harvest time!

Today, on a 45 minute ride, I came across a conspiracy of all these foul elements in one.  A thoughtless farmer had managed to cover (and I mean cover) the lane in mud, to the extent that I was cycling on a surface that was akin to snow.  With clipless pedals and skinny Vittoria road tyres, it was a nerve-wracking experience, especially with oncoming traffic as well.

I slow down a lot now on lanes and especially on corners – the other real hidden danger I have discovered is wet iron manhole covers.

Does everyone adjust their riding style at this time of year?


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