It starts here…..

This is an ongoing record of matters pertaining to road cycling.  I am based in Suffolk, England, and as I have just taken delivery of a new road bike I thought that this would be a good point to start recording things.

Here is said bike:

My new Orbea Aqua 2009

My new Orbea Aqua 2009

I have been riding seriously for most of this year and have been bitten by the bug.  Several months later, and two stone lighter, I am now at a point where the new bike is worth having.  My old bike, a very entry-level (in fact beginners level) Raleigh Airlite, was too heave and ungainly to continue with in the long term.  Well, that’s how I justified it to myself anyway….

Whilst transcribing, I ought to mention the suppliers of the new bike – Lifecycle UK in Bildeston, Suffolk.  Really good advice and so far excellent customer service from these guys.

So, having made the transition to SPD pedals (pictured) and Specialized BG road shoes, I am now getting real performance out of both my legs and my bike.


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